Photography and Small Business Education  

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My daughter Tracy Ann Battaglia has taken many of my professional photos (blog feature) and is a talented photographer and a leading voice in the entrepreneurial world. She has an authentic approach to empowering people by helping them feel confident, joyful, beautiful, and alive through her creative lifestyle and bridal photography and educational workshops. Her main course is called LAUNCH. This is a small-business workshop for entrepreneurs and creatives eager to turn their passion into a business. 

Photography: Fully Alive Photography +

Education: Fully Alive Finding Joy!/CREATIVES_+_LEARNING


My son Timothy loves collecting and cataloging Christian music of EVERY genre imaginable. You can hear songs that can be found nowhere else as he has been gifted many. He also goes to numerous concerts and corresponds with a lot of musicians. Check out his site & have a listen. He puts up a schedule of when each genre plays so you can choose when to listen to your favorites and maybe find some new. You can also find his work on Facebook.

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