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activities you can do with your dog

  • conformation (show dog) = is the dog put together to look like it’s supposed to be and do? Ex: does a beagle look like a beagle? Does it look like the “breed standard”? (if the tail should be long, the dog should not have a short tail; what about the height) Many times the standards are to help consistency. Here is the one for Australian Shepherds. For a couple of examples: Size – The preferred height for males is 20-23 inches, females 18-21 inches. Temperament – The Australian Shepherd is an intelligent, active dog with an even disposition; he is good natured, seldom quarrelsome. He may be somewhat reserved in initial meetings. Faults – Any display of shyness, fear or aggression is to be severely penalized.
  • performance = sports of any kind (and there are a lot & growing all the time
  • service: anything the dog can do to help. Ex: guide, police work, therapy, emotional support, visit nursing homes. Not all of these are official, but all are wonderful

training – places I access online


registration – these are legit and reputable in the US

  • pedigrees (1st is the organization & 2nd link is for the event offerings)
    • AKC American Kennel Club
    • ASCAAustralian Shepherd Club of America = other countries do register, but the club is located here. They offer multiple performance events which other breeds may enter, but of course, only Australian Shepherds may enter conformation. Many of the things AKC offers are modifications of others programs. ASCA started the herding programs. ASCA also offers conformation for little kids to take their aussie into the ring. AKC has started this also, but modified it for the little kids to take their stuffed animal dog into the ring.
    • UKCUnited Kennel Club
  • conformation only
    • IABCA – International All Breed Canine Association = European style conformation. Judges come from all over the world. Great place to see breeds from other countries
  • performance
    • NACSW – National Assocation of Canine Scent Work
    • NADAC – North American Dog Agility Club
    • CPE – Canine Performance Events – agility & scent work
    • many others, including some events are online which you submit videos of your dog doing things like parkour (athletic endeavors)


  • aussie rescue – if you would like to help by fostering, donating, or willing to take on an older dog that needs assistance, please help here. This group is mostly volunteers without the unlimited resources your local humane society has. Aussie Rescue is also best able to help with any questions you may have about the breed. Other breeds also have their own groups. Specific breed rescues are individually funded by volunteers.