Joy x Shocka


Sire:    “Shocka”       AKC/ASCA/ENG Ch. Heatherhill Shock n’ Awe – Shocka                         Dam:   our very own    “Joy”
Born May 28, 2012

“Charley Blue”


“Reed”       (living here at Providence)
CH Providence Read All About It


  The Beginning Story:


We have puppies right now from a fantastic breeding.

This phenomenal cross happened between two great dogs, our very own GCH AKC / UKC, CH ASCA Briarbrooks Alleluia (Joy) (Speciality BOW, Spec AOM, Westminster AOM to Multiple BIS and Group winning AKC / ASCA / ENG CH Heatherhill Shock N’ Awe (Shocka) ( spec Winner). Here is a link to Shockas page.

We are so excited. The little ones arrived late May. We have all blue boys.

Special incentives for competitors.

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On the 18th of June, the pups will be 3 weeks old. Eyes have opened, though color is not clear enough to know if they will have blue in them or not.

Ears are starting to go forward as they are flat backwards when born. More and better attempts are made in the process of standing and walking. The pups occasionally mouth each other. Seems funny that the one being mouthed doesn’t seem to mind.

Thought it might be fun to give a somewhat running commentary on what the pups have been doing and how they are maturing.

Last week they started teething, having puppy cereal, got an intro to a bath, intro to grooming with a brush on the grooming table (except for getting toenails trimmed which started from just about as soon as they were born),playing on a puppy teeter totter! And potty training. Toys were introduced as soon as they were born from their mama, but this was the first week they acknowledged them. Thunderstorm desensitization has started. As a note here, we are using a program made specifically for dog training.  Dinner time with the puppy cereal includes a clicker being used as a dinner bell.

This week (June 25 & the start of week 5) more teeth and more toy playing including encouragement that toys are for chewing on and not my hands.  Appetites have grown a Lot in the last couple of days.  Eyes have started to actually work.  The pups now sometimes look right at you. They got an almost full bath. Thunderstorms are continuing and fireworks have started.  The pups have started to have wrestling matches and one has discovered he can roll over, now if I could train that on command it would be really cool.

Today the 29th, they discovered their mom’s food and made a small attempt to drink her water. A dog crate was introduced and the little ones whelping box had the entry taken off and it got converted to a toy box.  They also got their living quarters enlarged by including  an exercise pen.

Week 6 and July 6. As you can see, the pups are getting bigger and fluffier. Yesterday was a busy day for the puppies. They made their first trip outside, discovered concrete, grass, steps, lawn furniture, planters, a puppy pool, rocks, and sprinkle and mist settings from the hose. It was new and different and something to think about, but soon they were happily romping in around, through, under, and over things. Of course, mom “Joy” kept a particular close watch on them and at one point decided that they may be ready to play carefully with. Usually it’s the pups trying to get her to play. Other things continue in their training, but the words “back”, “leave it”, “come” “wait” “stay” have been added to their repertoire.










Week 7 and July 12  It is an extremely busy week for the little guys. Here is a run-down for what a typical day looks like of which many of these things have been introduced in the previous week:

  • nails get trimmed
  • learning “stay” on a grooming table and getting weighed (vets appreciate this)
  • brushed on the table
  • teeth checked (makes this easier for teeth cleaning)
  • noise sensitivity training
  • outside time with each other, alone time, time with the adult dogs, time in the small yard area, time in the big yard area
  • water play
  • time interacting alone with people (for instance learning not to get underfoot)
  • toys of different materials and sizes
  • crate time alone
  • working on learning “back”, “no”, “leave it”, “settle”, “come”
  • learning to wear a collar
  • bigger pool added

Good morning everyone. Today is July 28, 2012. We are just about at the end of week 9. Things have been really busy around here since the last update. You could see then that more things have been added for the puppies and many more things to learn. We’ve had visitors (like my folks and sis-in-law). I will be filling in the gaps here soon. Right now I’m finishing making each puppy a take-home bag. One of the nice things that is going in their bags is each puppy has a professional photo compliments of Fully Alive Photography and each puppy will have his own gallery. I would like to personally thank my talented daughter, Tracy Battaglia of Fully Alive for the photos and Gimbal’s (one of the puppies you will soon meet) new family for all their help in keeping puppies corralled and as still as one can get puppies.

Yesterday was one of those happy / sad days. Walter (another one of the puppies) went to his new home. It is so nice to meet people who will love and care for the little ones and that one knows the puppy will enjoy having his own family.  It is also rather sad to see them leave. It’s like closing a good book you just finished, but are eager to go on to the next one in the series. I will be introducing you each puppy individually in the next couple of weeks. .