“Reed” CH Providence Read All About It


Let me know any name suggestions. Well, as of August 9, 2012, George may have a new name. The consensus points toward “Reed”, so for now “George’s” page title will change to that.

This week we are working on:

  • leave it, which is progressing extremely nice as evidenced by my spilling most of a bag of Bill Jacs’ Little Jacs and the command was pretty well obeyed
  • stay
  • drop meaning let go of my pant’s leg
  • show dog for stand stay
  • sit is not given a command yet, but is politely occuring before I put down the food dish or often waiting at a gate
  • crate training is very noise at this point and I’ll be glad when it improves faster than it is. Last week we visited my folks & on the way home, “Reed” slept all the way :)
  • the start of platform / pivot training
  • tug with the proper toy, bath towels not allowed
  • target stick
  • skateboard
  • potty training
  • down
  • kick-back stand, I love the way it looks and positions the dog. Trying with the older ones has not made any progress. Hopefully working with a young puppy it will.
  • visiting politely with other people and dogs
  • walking on a lead singly and in tandem
  • continued desensitization training
  • politely interacting with his fellow pack companions

It is official, well as of a few months ago, “George” is now known as “Reed”. His formal name is “Providence Read All About It”, which came from another Newsboys song. Personally on this one I liked the name better that the song. Reed is registered with AKC, ASCA, and UKC so far.

We have been busy. Reed has taken many classes at Creations Dog Training in Bloomington, IL. Puppy 1 consisting of basic commands around other puppies and their owners, Puppy Agility (no jumps or any other potential stressors to growing puppy bodies), Puppy 2 which consisted of some work with the wobble board and practice to sometime visit a nursing home, and nosework, and trieball. Here at home we’ve been doing very well skateboarding, conformation training which will work well in obedience stand-stays, tugging (with rules), among many other things. He does have some of his own activities that he has thought up. He wants to climb a ladder. That is not something I encourage. Reed also loves to stand on his back legs and lay on his back when holding a toy. We are playing around with Freestyle and he loves to do his tricks during it. His choice of music right now is LeCrea (Christian rap).

When Party went to Missouri to Briarbrooks Australian Shepherds to get bred, Reed rode along. He is staying there to play with Kimber. Kimber is showing him conformation and to my dogs, going into the ring with her is one of the best things in the world.

First time at an AKC show and first weekend 1st time: 3rd in his class, 2nd time: 2 place, 3rd time: WD for a 5 pt major.

WAY TO GO !!! He is definitely getting the hang of conformation. Thank you Kimber :)