“Mia” Briarbrooks Shine Like A Diamond
AKC: Star Puppy, CGC, numerous scentwork titles; UKC: numerous scentwork titles; numerous scentwork titles; numerous scentwork titles; NACSW: ORT

A lot of life happened and when things slowed down, I told Reed he could be “special” dog for a year. Just he & I would do things together and after that time we’d get a puppy.
That “next year” happened to be 2020. Not a COVID puppy plan ended up being one anyway and a lot of the changes that came with it. Mia joined our family in late summer. Puppy classes & socialization outings weren’t going on at the time as much as I would’ve liked, but that hasn’t been much of a problem for this happy energetic young girl.

Hope you enjoy the slideshow.