GCH Briarbrooks Alleluia CGC TKN; NACSW ORT-ba ASCA CH U-CH


  • an beautiful and amazing little girl who loved life to the fullest
  • mother to Reed and Party
  • great grama to Mia


sire: CH Briarbrooks Copyright + pedigree + offspring the top 2 on this page are Joy when she won at our breed nationals

dam: CH Briarbrooks Platinum By Design Joy is also on this page another page


titles and accomplishments

Most here are about conformation (show dog)

  • AKC – GCH = grand champion
    • 200 – usasa nationals BOW = best of winners
    • 200 – usasa nationals – AM = award of merit + invitation to Crufts in England
    • 2009 – Westminster – AM = award of merit PLUS her sire GCH Briarbrooks Copyright took BOB = best of breed
    • 200 champion
    • 2000 grand champion
    • 200 – usasa nationals – made the 2nd cut = breed nationals have so many dogs that the judge keeps dividing the dogs. After the 3rd cut, the winners for that day are chosen. This means she was chosen over like 25 dogs
  • UKC – U-CH = ukc adds U in front of their titles
    • 200 – premier (a week of competition for the whole world) G3 = group 3 (group = different breed classifications – herding breeds are group 3). This was achieved when she was only and out of coat (she was not as cute and fluffy because she was shedding her winter coat)
    • 200 – BOS = Best of Show
  • ASCA – CH
    • 200 – WB = winners bitch, 5 point major = major is determined by the number of dogs that show up
  • IABCA – European style of showing with judges from other countries
    • 200 – BOSP 2 = Best of Show Puppy runner-up (Joy was very young… 7months)

performance – because a lot was going on in the between years on a personal level, not much was done, however, Joy earned her NACSW ort ba = odor recognition test passed on birch and anise. She also earned her TKN = AKC trick dog novice. These were all passed during ages 11,12 & 13. Older dogs can have fun too.