Site updates

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Jul 052012

Coming soon will be not just continued puppy photos as they grow, but more photos will be coming for other of the Aussies here or from Joy’s previous litter.

7/6  I’m also working on changing layout, hope you all like the changes. If you visit us one time and come back in and see what looks like a different site, leave and then come back again, another look again it is not your imagination. It’s just me trying out new stuff. You will still see “Providence Australian Shepherds” at the top, so please bear with me as I play.

12 am  I’m giving up for the night with this new look. I’m not happy with it. I cannot get the blog page header to change for each page, the photos are flying all over the page, some photos won’t upload, the page that I do this typing on in this theme is much smaller than the previous theme. I understand that this is becoming the standard theme, but all the wasted space bugs me between the large frame (which I’m trying to change the background on it) and the wide space between the blog writing area and the edge of the frame. Oh well, enough for tonight. Maybe I’ll leave this theme up for now as it does seem easier to read and get to work on updating all the dogs pages. I apologize to all for being so behind in that project. I will start getting those photos up before I do anymore updating on the theme, but I will keep updating the “Puppy Page” as many of you have let me know how much you enjoy their photos and their progress.


Survey fun

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Apr 122012

Just thought it would be fun to do this and then post the stats. Just click on the link and it’ll take you to the survey. Thanks

Adding photos

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Nov 112011

Finally got my new photo scanner. I am very pleased that the interface is basically the same as my great old one that didn’t make the last 2 computer OS upgrades. Of course there have been a few glitches with the main one being that during a scan, the preview would be perfect however the final scan was ascew. After a check with the manual that got me in the right direction, I got the problem corrected, though not quite like the instructions said.

New photos of Joy have been uploaded with more to come of her and Sky, Party, Dash, Maria, and Ellie.


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Aug 202011

I love technology. It never ceases to amaze me with the extremely rapid changes in the field.

The one I just now discovered is happening as I write this post.

I have, of course, an iPad. Granted it’s the first, but at this point I see no reason to upgrade. There are a few nice changes, but for me the figures don’t work out. Anyway, I got a free app and am typing this right now. This is actually a test to see if this way works. I hope so as it’s much easier than sitting at my computer.

9/30/11 By now, most know that the iPhone 5 is expected out this coming week. I have the 3Gs. The extended warranty just ran out as did my contract. I may upgrade. A lot depends on the quality of the supposed new camera. LOL nothing like choosing a phone because of the camera. Love this tech. The new ios will be compatible with the phone I already have so we’ll see what the contracts offer. Tethering with very minimal fee may be worth it if ATT allows it. I will not switch providers as I have unlimited data. I love the choices I have in radio stations & free audio books that would be useless traveling if it wasn’t for the unlimited.

I’ll for now just keep expanding this post, but just adding dates.  The other tech post will be more geared toward suggested apps for the iPhone & iPad.