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Aug 062013

I have put off updating this site way to long. Life too often gets in the way of even my best of plans. If it was just some revising or additions it wouldn’t be so bad, but once again the headers on each of the dogs pages, which are supposed to be of that particular dog, have disappeared from their spot & refuse to come back. The mobile site has also been freaking out. I’ve re-worked the menus some and hopefully it will make navigation easier.

For all the people who have contacted me regarding a puppy, Party came into heat & is bred. Little ones are expected around mid September. When I upgraded my computer to Windows 8, I lost most all of my e-mails from this year. One would think after all these years that Microsoft would make backing up Outlook at least a little easier.

Happy Holidays to all

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Dec 142012

Here it is almost 2013 and I have gone WAY too long updating this site. I have been working in the background as you may have guessed by the photos doing strange things. I have been trying to make the site more user-friendly on the various platforms. In searching for layouts, I did decide that for phones that I like the “Metro” of Windows 8 a lot, but there are really no good templates out there yet and the way sites are programmed now with CSS, I cannot make the background tables I once did. Oh well, on to the next thing & let technology or ease of finding more options on the net become easier. Soon you will see updates on all the newest puppies (now almost 7 months old).

Home Page Photo Header

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Aug 092012

I’ve had numerous questions about the default page header photo and compliments.

It is actually a photo I took of our backyard(2011) right after a storm when the lighting was absolutely perfect.


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Jul 312012

Well, I just spent the last 3 hours trying to improve navigation here. I finally got a “home” button that will be displayed on all pages, but the biggest time waster was trying to make a drop-down menu. I tried all sorts of “plug-in’s” and researched all types of code. The more I tried, the worse the frustration got. Then, duh, I decided to go back to the WordPress site and instead of putting “drop-down menu” in the search box, I put the theme name before what I was looking for. Many of the links just took me back where I’d already been, but then I found a little blurb about just drag-n-drop what I wanted where. Ah hah!!! It worked. Just 15 minutes later, I got the drop-downs. I still have some customizing to do, but that will have to be for another day (or week).

It is significantly more slower of a pace and much quieter around here. Three of the puppies have gone to their own wonderful families. The pups have their own page started, at least a name on a page right now, but it’s a start. The next task on this site will be to add the rest of the photos from the last 2 weeks onto the “puppy” page.

Thank you again to all the new puppy people families and for all the great feedback I’m getting on the look of this site.