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I had admired Australian Shepherds for a few years and had always wanted to do obedience or something with dogs. In 1993 the time was right and I got my first Aussie.

It’s been a real pleasure learning about the breed and all the sports one can do with Aussies.

I enjoy going to some local classes (clicker style preferred). I usually get most information from taking online classes and attending a seminar now and then. There are also a lot of good training DVDs available along with great clips and ideas on You Tube. The online classes I have taken have been with Sumac for Rally,  for Freestyle,  for Running Contacts, and Denise Fenzi Academy where I’ve been taking Nosework and Tracking and will be continuing to take more as they have a wide variety of choices.

I have shown my dogs in various performance areas, but when it comes to conformation handling, I prefer often to send my “kids” to Kimber Shields of Briarbrook Australian Shepherds. One can really tell how much the dogs love her and that means a lot to me. She trains and shows them beautifully. Her and Linda Wilson of Briarbrook have been a wonderful help to me in learning to “show” when the dogs are here with me and how to groom properly.

All my Aussies, as proven, meet the breeding standards of AKC, ASCA, UKC, and IABCA. The ones that are bred have appropriate health checks, certified veterinarian ophthalmologists, veterinarians specialized in their respective fields in regard to things like hip x-rays (to help prevent hip dysplasia), and available genetic screenings. There are numerous breeders that care about the breed and also do these things. We do not only look at the health of this generation, but further down the road for all puppies and grandpuppies and so on. If you are looking for a well-bred Aussie, whether for a “pet” or “show dog”, we would love to hear from you. We believe that all dogs should be bred to make great companions, no matter what they do, and be as healthy as we can make them. If we do not have any available at the time or have any breedings planned, we can make a few suggestions to lead you in the right direction.

Highlights here at Providence

1993     I got my first Australian Shepherd.

2004     “Joy” arrived!!!!! Formally known then as Briarbrooks Alleluia. She is a CH My Main Man of Heatherhill great grand-daughter from that fabulous Briarbrook cross of him with CH Briarbrooks Silver Sequence. I saw Silver years ago and fell in love with her, but the timing was never right for the commitment I wanted to give to one of her puppies. Finally everything worked out and I got the blue bitch I had always wanted. Joy is such an appropriate name for her. She has done wonderful for herself.

2006     Joy went Best of Winners at our AKC affiliate breed club (United States Australian Shepherd Club of America).

2007     My previous kennel name changed to “Providence”.  I had my first litter out of Joy.  I bred her to CH Briarbrooks Quicksilver (Ricky) . Ricky had done very well for himself also having gone Breed at the well-known Westminster Kennel Club dog show as one of his many accomplishments. You can read about each of the puppies from that cross under the heading “Previous Litters“. They have all done well in their own rights.  Party is from this cross.  She received her AKC Championship in

2009     Joy and I traveled to New York City where she received an Award of Merit at Westminster. Her sire, GCH Briarbrooks Copyright went Best of Breed.

2012     Joy was bred to AKC, ASCA, ENG CH Heatherhill Shock ‘N Awe (Shocka).  Many thanks go to Jeff Margeson of Stonehaven Australian Shepherds.  Reed is from this cross. He obtained his AKC Championship in September, 2013.

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