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privacy policy

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I do not collect any personal data.

The gist of this page is what is now wanted by the internet. It’s a great idea considering the Cambridge University intrusion. However, I am not allowing anyone free access to this site. All comments are disabled. As far as cookies, I have no idea how to collect nor care to learn how. I also have no interest in “embedding’ any other site on this site nor links designated for advertisements. Any links that I post will be for those things I think you might be interested in. For example: my amazingly talented daughter Tracy Battaglia and her site Fully Alive Photography

I will state that whatever Google does with whatever they do for searches, I take no responsibility for them. WordPress is the most widely used website builder. It does have a section in the dashboard that shows builders how many people have visited the site that month. That is built-in.

I am leaving all the rest of the info below the ***** on this page to humor whatever it is that this is as it was pre-made in this layout. I know that sounds off, but the internet background has changed, especially the last few months for speed and for security issues. If you do find this interesting and you find some sites that take credit card payments (I don’t) are glitching, it is because of the internet requiring special security. You may already be familiar with the https:// that is on bank sites. Now it is going further. The sites glitching just need to do some background “clean up” and get pages like this and a few other things re-adjusted.

One example for this is a program called Akismet. It is a plug-in to help stop spam. Here is the notation they provide “To help your site with transparency under privacy laws like the GDPR, Akismet can display a notice to your users under your comment forms. This feature is disabled by default, however, you can turn it on below.”. Though I have “comments” disabled, I enabled it to display the notification.

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