Jan 162015

New years always bring new goals, hopes, and dreams that are going to be fulfilled. By the time that year ends, often they aren’t reached and we make have our hope renewed with the change of year.

This year I plan on much of the same as last year. I liked last year’s plan, however life got in the way many times (as it does) and the time schedule got moved. Some things got accomplished though and of that I’m happy. I was even able to connect up with some old friends. Life does throw in nice surprises at times also.

The dogs and I have been enjoying online classes at Denise Fenzi’s   Fenzi Dog Sports Academy  They have electives in most every dog sport and new fields are often being added.  The expertise of the trainers is wonderful. They really know their material and are extremely helpful. There are different levels depending on what you want to get out of it. Gold = you submit videos (via YouTube) and the instructor critiques them and offers advice. Silver = you can join in the class discussion and ask questions. Bronze = access to the lessons and follow others progress. Gold and Silver may submit as many or as few as they want.  Even though there are lessons for each week, if someone only needs help in certain areas, it is ok to just concentrate on them. I do bronze right now as that works best for us.

We did get to try Barn Hunt this past year and that makes my new plan. I would love to help the dogs get some titles. Joy, very enthusiastically broke a speed record finding her rat. Being a silly puppy, Reed just thought it was a fun place to play. Party kinda thought Reed had a good idea. Sky buckled down to do this serious like & did well.

As with all of us, Sky is getting older. 13 years old. It’s so hard to believe. He had a vestibular issue around September, but is well on his road to recovery.

Puppy plans are not finalized yet. Stay tuned. Info will be posted on the “Puppy” page.

If you are interested in my dogs, most either came from or were bred to Briarbrook Aussies. Check out their web site and if you would like a puppy, they have some due this month. Either call: 1(417)358-4927 or email:   briarbrookaussies@att.net    Phone calls are preferred.


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