Jul 312012

Well, I just spent the last 3 hours trying to improve navigation here. I finally got a “home” button that will be displayed on all pages, but the biggest time waster was trying to make a drop-down menu. I tried all sorts of “plug-in’s” and researched all types of code. The more I tried, the worse the frustration got. Then, duh, I decided to go back to the WordPress site and instead of putting “drop-down menu” in the search box, I put the theme name before what I was looking for. Many of the links just took me back where I’d already been, but then I found a little blurb about just drag-n-drop what I wanted where. Ah hah!!! It worked. Just 15 minutes later, I got the drop-downs. I still have some customizing to do, but that will have to be for another day (or week).

It is significantly more slower of a pace and much quieter around here. Three of the puppies have gone to their own wonderful families. The pups have their own page started, at least a name on a page right now, but it’s a start. The next task on this site will be to add the rest of the photos from the last 2 weeks onto the “puppy” page.

Thank you again to all the new puppy people families and for all the great feedback I’m getting on the look of this site.

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